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Our Background

Lighting Associates, Inc., a Georgia-based architectural lighting sales agency specializing in commercial, industrial, hospitality and other sectors, counsels and serves the design community throughout the southeast. Our mission is to provide top quality lighting, efficient service and knowledgeable assistance from our team of dedicated employees.

Founded in 1981, we have now grown to represent over 100+ quality specification grade manufacturers that offer a tremendous variety of lighting products. Time after time, we provide our specification, contractor and distributor community a complete package of products to meet all lighting needs.

Service Philosophy

Lighting Associates, Inc. goes beyond traditional design practices by seeking an in-depth understanding of your project's design requirements and constraints. We assimilate your information to develop a lighting specification which will:

  • Enhance the overall design intent
  • Maintain the long-term product quality and performance
  • Exceed your every expectation.

While providing you with specification assistance for standard, modified, and custom products, we utilize Project Management Tools to save TIME and ensure project integrity. These tools help in:

  • Determining the correct part numbers, lamp requirements and mounting details
  • Selecting the best luminaires with the right technology for your specified project
  • Communicating the design intent to the client
  • Partnering through the submittal review stage to confirm that project requirements and luminaire details corroborate, thus reducing Requests for Information during installation
  • Obtaining Budget Pricing for project estimates by receiving quotations based on drawings, design recommendations, and overall design criteria to clarify the costs of your design
  • Ascertaining the client/project benefit from the Value Engineering "VE" lighting package being offered.

We also feature Photometric Studies in-house. Many manufacturers have the ability to provide point by point calculations in order to quantify light levels for a given application. Whether you are designing for controls, a laboratory, church, library, atrium, or site lighting, Lighting Associates can coordinate the information for you to provide:

  • General estimation of the lighting levels for any application.
  • Layout recommendations with spacing guidelines for typical areas.
  • Examination of point by point calculations for surface reflectances and brightness
  • Manufacturer expertise for meeting design criteria and energy codes.

Green Practices

When your project requires green lighting technologies and practices, we can deliver Solar Powered, LED and the lowest energy sources available including:

  • Building Management Software
  • Lighting/HVAC/Security/Audio/Video/etc.
  • Architectural Dimming & Lighting Controls
  • Energy Code Compliance - ASHRAE, LEED, IECC
  • Cradle to Cradle, CHPS, USGBC, RoHS Certified Products

The goal of Lighting Associates, Inc. is to promote and recommend lighting solutions through the representation of manufacturers that integrate cutting edge lighting technologies and products that are environmentally-friendly and reduce energy usage, all the while satisfying the aesthetic needs of a project.