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Lumenpulse Acquires Fluxwerx Illumination

Lumenpulse, a leading manufacturer of high performance, specification-grade LED lighting solutions, announced today that it has acquired Fluxwerx Illumination, Inc. 

Fluxwerx is a manufacturer of innovative high performance, LED luminaires for the general lighting of commercial and institutional spaces such as offices, education and healthcare.  Founded in 2011, Fluxwerx has quickly established itself at the forefront of LED lighting solutions providers, with a distinctive product offering and innovative proprietary anidolic optics technology.


To learn more about this exciting new line, please contact a representative at Lighting Associates, Inc.

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Lighting Associates, Inc. Now Represents All Hubbell Lighting Brands For The Entire State of Georgia

Lighting Associates, Inc. is excited to announce that starting in 2016, LAI will represent all Hubbell Lighting brands for the entire state of Georgia.  This new opportunity allows LAI the ability to work with distributors, contractors, and specifiers in South Georgia while continuing to build and support current relationships in Atlanta and North Georgia.

For any other information or questions regarding this new opportunity, please contact a Lighting Associates representative.

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Lighting Services Inc Launches New Website

Lighting Services Inc (LSI) announced the launch of their new website, www.LightingServicesInc.com .  Several key features include an engaging user experience with new search capabilities and product representation, an attractively streamlined design with user-friendly navigation, and the employment of a modern platform with mobile optimization technology.

The site's appealing and simplified design equips customers with effective and efficient online interaction with LSI.  Customers can access easy product downloads, stay updated with the latest news and company products, find their local representatives, and view examples of previous projects.  

For any further information about LSI, please contact Lighting Associates for more details.  

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Lutron's Commercial Energy Codes, Controls and LEDs Seminar Comes To Atlanta

03 / 24

Lumenpulse Acquires SDL Lighting

Lumenpulse announces its acquisition of all shares of SDL Lighting, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of outdoor LED luminaires.  The transition is in line with Lumenpulse's growth strategy, adding fully complimentary LED solutions to the product portfolio to expand the addressable market and accelerate intro into the high performance architectural, area, urban, pedestrian and professional landscape lighting segments.

SDL, a privately owned company, started as a custom manufacturer in Quebec City, Canada.  Over the last five years, it has focused on product development, designing and manufacturing its own line of LED lighting solutions.  Today, SDL's portfolio counts more than 150 products including bollards, columns, pole-top and building-mounted luminaires.

The company has been most active in Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta and South Florida regions, illuminating a wide range of institutional, commercial and urban environments, including outdoor public spaces, corporate campuses, parks, hotels, shopping centers, access roads and parking lots.

For more information on this new line from Lumenpulse, please contact a representative from Lighting Associates, Inc.

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Lumenpulse Announces North American Launch of AlphaLED Products

Lumenpulse proudly announces their release of LumenAlpha, a line of high performance LED downlights and spotlights for commercial, retail, institutional and hospitality applications.  The launch sees over 30 LED luminaires from the European brand AlphaLED - acquired by Lumenpulse in July 2014 - converted into a full offering for clients in the North American market.

Launched in 2008, AlphaLED products have distinguished themselves for their performance and durability, with more than 500,000 units sold and projects successfully completed in over 40 countries.  In 2013, AlphaLED was recognized with a Queen's Award of Enterprise, one of the UK's most prestigious business honors.  It also won the Manufacturer of the Year prize at the 2013 Lux Awards.

The LumenAlpha series enhances Lumenpulse's position in the fast-expanding commercial, retail, institutional and hospitality LED lighting markets, offering a comprehensive program of feature-rich, high-performance, architectural downlights and spotlights.

Please contact a representative from Lighting Associates, Inc for more information.

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Hubbell's Lighting Solution Center 2015 Course Schedule

February 6, 2015

Lighting Calculations

This fast-paced workshop is intended for application engineers and specialists or sales representatives who prepare design calculations and specifiers who evaluate lighting designs.  This workshop will cover the basics of photometry and photometric reports, current lighting design concepts for interior and exterior environments and lighting design software.  Participants will also learn how to avoid making poor lighting decisions by understanding the factors that go into lighting design calculations, including lumen maintenance, lamp lumen depreciation, luminaire dirt depreciation, ambient temperature effects and the pro-ration of IES files, to name a few.  Participants will be able to explain and compare the design calculations and rendered results so the end user can make informed choices.

Also available May 21, 2015 - May 22, 2015
  June 24, 2015 - June 25, 2015
  August 7, 2015 
  October 15, 2015 - October 16, 2015 

March 16-18, 2015

Fundamentals of Lighting

Designed for professionals new to the lighting industry or seasoned professionals looking for a refresher, this three-day workshop focuses on the fundamental principles of lighting and introduces today's latest advancements in lighting technology.  Through the hands-on training and real-world applications, we take an interactive approach to educating our participants in general lighting terminology, lamps and ballasts, solid-state lighting technology, light, vision, and color, optical control, and basic application principles.

Also available May 18, 2015 - May 20, 2015
   September 15, 2015 - September 17, 2015

March 17, 2015

Lighting Controls

This one day course is focused on the basics of lighting controls.  Through this program participants will gain an understanding of various control solutions including the motion sensing, daylight harvesting, panelbased lighting controls systems, and wireless controlled systems.  In addition, participants will also be exposed to the current legislation and building codes, such as ASHRAE, IECC, and California's Title 24, that are changing the controls landscape.  At the end of this course participants should be able to identify opportunities in various applications for a lighting control system, specify the control requirements based on the lighting fixture criteria, and recommend an appropriate solution based on the application requirements.

Also available September 18, 2015

Please contact Lighting Associates, Inc with any inquiries about scheduling your attendance or additional questions regarding these courses.